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Lap Paz – Our Lady of Peace

Nuestra Señora de La Paz. Big city. More than two million people living here. As I normally don’t like big cities I was skeptical. However, it was totally different this time. I instantly felt at ease. The city has an amazing atmosphere and people here are very friendly. And the town is more clean than other cities in South America. Don’t know why… The location of La Paz is great, too. At 3600 meters above see level it’s center is build in a canyon and the surrounding hills are plastered by housings. There are a lot of different markets to visit, which Kevin (thanks for the great company!) and I did. We also enjoyed good food. If you ever go to La Paz, try Salteñas. Delicious!

I don’t know why, but I loved the city and would return anytime!
Peaceful greetings

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  1. Claudi

    must be a very special city. if you love a south american city….

    • Michael

      Hi Claudi, it is! You should go there, too!

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