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Uyuni – The big salt flat

After a night in Potosí to relax from the mine we headed to Uyuni. We met Bruno, a Brazilian guy, at the bus station, who recommended us a nice and cheap hotel. Thanks Bruno! When checking different agencies for the tour to San Pedro we met him again. Kevin asked him about the quads (four wheelers) standing in front of the agency. Bruno told us, that he rents them out and recommended us a tour to the Salar in the evening to see the sunset. Kevin had done some quad tours before so he easily convinced me and thus I was sitting on my first quad a few hours later. And we headed to the Salar. What a fun! Awesome!

Me on the quad.
Me on the quad.

After an hour of offroad biking (yeah, yeah, yeah) we arrived at the Salar de Uyuni just in time. The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat of the world. As it was the rainy season, the Salar was covered by a layer of water which makes it a big big mirror. The sunset was of amazing beauty. In the middle of the Salar a big thunderstorm was forming and the sun was both reflected by the clouds and the water layer. Just have a look at the photos. I am still happy that I was allowed to see this miracle of the nature, especially as one normally don’t see it, ’cause the tours regularly leave in the morning. The quad ride back in the darkness, the middle of the thunderstorm (which had caught us) and with just one light (as the light on Kevins quad was not working) added some adrenaline to the tour. After a hot shower we got our deserved dinner and a few drinks in the evening. What a day! Thanks Kevin for asking Bruno about the quads! Wohohoooooo!

Sunset over the Salar IV.
Sunset over the Salar IV.

Then next morning we went back to the Salar. This time in a jeep and together with Caroline and Daniel from Brazil, Shireen and Lionel from Belgium, and Augustin, our driver, guide, and cook. It looked totally different in bright sunlight. Reflecting clouds and mountains. Endless views. We had a great time taking some funny pics. And then headed south to see more amazing landscapes…

I am genie in a bottle ;-)
I am genie in a bottle ;-)

Greets from the genie in a bottle

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  1. Nadine

    Hallo Micha!
    Sehr coole Bilder! Da kann man dirket neidisch werden.
    Bei uns kommen so langsam frühlingsgefühle auf, nachdem wir demnächst dann immer Termperaturen über Null haben werden.
    Viele liebe Grüße in die Ferne

    • Michael

      Hi Nadine! Dann wünsche ich einen wunderschönen Frühling in Deutschland. Liebe Grüße, Michael

  2. Torsten

    Hallo Michael,

    sieht phantastisch und nach einer Menge Spaß aus!!
    Mehr davon!!

    Viele Grüße, Torsten

    • Michael

      Hi Torsten! War auch eine Menge Spaß. Ich geb’ mir Mühe. Bleib’ sauber! Michael

  3. Michi, das sind ja geniale Fotos!
    Bin total begeistert!!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Michael

      Hi Undine! Freut mich, dass Dir die Bilder gefallen. Ein Lob von einer Profiphotographin ist natürlich ‘was ganz Besonderes. Danke! Aloha, Michael

  4. Georg

    Wow, was für Photos… sehr geil!!
    Viel Spaß in Patagonien

    Beste Grüße

    • Michael

      Hi Georg! Danke fürs Lob! Spaß hatten wir hier und ich bleib’ auch gleich noch ein paar Tage länger, weil es soo schön ist im rauhen Feuerland. Greets, Michael

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