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Karate II – At the end of the world!

Claudi gave me one good tip more before leaving: “Google for Karate and Ushuaia”. Which I did! First result was the webpage of the Shotoyuku Ushuaia. So I went there on Friday evening… and got a very very warm welcome. Apparently the friendliness and happiness of the “Ushuaianians” is also present in the Karatekas of the end of the word. I was greeted with a lot of smiles, hugs, and many interested questions.

Group photo after the Saturday training.
Group photo after the Saturday training.

Got a very good training by Franco Gergo Sensei! 5. DAN JKA! And I was good or bad enough ;-) that he offered me to join the special training on Saturday. Which was great as well. Exactly as the one on Monday. After doing no Karate for six months (except the few days in Arequipa) I left Ushuaia with sore muscles. But a very good feeling! Aside from the very good trainings I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in the Dojo and the warmth I was greeted with. Muchas gracias Franco Sensei por los instrucciones muy bueno. Muchas gracias a los todos por todo! You have all just been awesome! I am still smiling remembering the good vibe in the Dojo! If you ever come to Germany, don’t forget to “say hi” at the Karate-Dojo Darmstadt.

Michael, “El Aleman”

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