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rivulet helps Bolivian children!

I am still grateful for the beauty and richness I was allowed to see and the fun and happiness I was allowed to have in Bolivia. But also still shocked by the poverty and working conditions, especially of the children. So I decided to ask for your help!

The German non profit organization Kindernothilfe is helping the poorest of the poor children in Bolivia. I ask you to donate some money for their great and necessary work. Just use the keyword “Z 4491, 4542840” and I will double every donation from you that reaches the Kindernothilfe before the end of May 2011 (fine print: maximum total amount from my side is 1000 €).

You can donate ’cause you just want to help, you can consider your donation as a late birthday present for me, or you can donate ’cause the more you donate, the more I will have to double, which will actually cut short my travel budget, meaning that I will have to return home earlier (if you would like me to stay away longer, ask for my account number ;-)

Please remember, that even very small amounts will help in a country like Bolivia, so there is no amount to small! I would like you to leave a comment about your donation (and amount if you want) below this post. But if you want to stay entirely anonymous this is fine, too.

Donation account:
Kindernothilfe e.V.
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie eG – KD-Bank
Account number (Kontonummer): 45 45 40
Bank code (BLZ): 350 601 90
Keyword “
Z 4491, 4542840

For donations form outside Germany:
IBAN code: DE92 3506 0190 0000 4545 40

Don’t forget your name and address in order to get a contribution receipt from Kindernothilfe!

Thanks a lot, Vielen vielen Dank, Muchas Gracias, Tack så hemskmycket!

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  1. What a great idea and what a good opportunity for us to get you back home! ;)

    • Michael

      Hi Nadja! Happy to hear that you like the initiative. And glad that you would like to get me back :-) But where should I go to? England, Sweden, Germany? Hugs, Michael

  2. Juan

    hey Michael! Nice initiative. OK, given that you ask for it… I can’t let pass this chance to saboutage your trip! :)
    Anyway I’ll do it whan I’m back at home, I don’t want to access my ebanking from any of these cybercafes… you never know.
    (but why are you doubling it? This is kind of kamikaze-suicidal. What if Bill Gates happens to see your post, and sends 100,000,000 US $? :P)

    • Michael

      Hola Juan! Great that you like the idea. And yes, please sabotage my trip, I definitely ask for it. Got similar questions from my friends before, that they don’t know if they should give as much as the could, ’cause they don’t want to shorten my trip. But I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY if I have to pay my part at the end. Regarding Bill Gates…. read the fine print, I am on the save side. Spoke with my lawyer before posting ;-) Cu soon, Michael

  3. Thilo

    Hi Michael! May has passed so you won’t HAVE to double it. Take it as a thank you present. Enjoy your trip as long as possible. I’ll see you back in Germany. So long… Thilo

    • Michael

      Hi Thilo! Thanks a lot for contributing! All the best for you, Michael

  4. kai

    hej, Michael.habe extra so lange gewartet ;-)
    auf bald. kai

    • Michael

      Hejsan Kai! Was soll ich dazu sagen… eigenmächtige Entscheidungen, ts, ts, ts ;-) DANKE fürs Spenden! Und beste Grüße in den Norden, Michael

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