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Who am I?

Great that you are here! A very warm welcome to my little blog!

Who am I?

Thats me
Hi everybody!

My name is Michael and I’m from Germany. In 2010 and 2011 I took the opportunity to escape the “rat race” for a little while and traveled South America and a bit of Asia. Probably not the last trip :-)

Aside from working as a water resources engineer, I do love music, nature, hiking and practice Shotokan-Karate-Do back home and if I find an opportunity while on the road.

Where will you find me?

See the Route for more details.

What do I want?

Well, that’s a point that will probably change over time, but right now I am looking forward to gain new experiences and widening my horizon. Aside from meeting travelers from all over the world, I would really appreciate to get in close touch with the people living in the countries I am going to visit.

Which languages do I speak?

Hm, up to now, I do speak German, English, Swedish and a tiny little bit of Spanish.

Want to help?

Fantastic! See how…