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Want to help?

You want to help? Fantastic! Thanks in advance! There are a lot of possibilities:

Leave a comment or send me an email

I would love to see this blog as much alive as possible. Thus, I would love to read a comment from you. Want to share some more private details with me? Send me an email!

Send me tips

That’s easy! Just drop me a note .

Meet me or host me

You want to meet me? Have a drink? Show me around? Host me for a night or more? Awesome! You can either drop me a note directly but it will be probably far easier and safer for both sides if you get in touch with me via Couchsurfing or Hospitalityclub.

Invite me to your Dojo

I am travelling with a very small backpack. Thus I do not have a gi with me. If you don’t mind that I will show up in pants and shirt I would really really love to drop in for some training sessions while I am around your Dojo. Aside from the opportunity to not get totally out of shape, it would be fantastic to see, how Karate-Do is practiced around the world. You think it will be possible? I would love to hear from you!

Tell me about a work opportunity

You are working in the water sector? And need something to get done? Either in the countries I am going to visit or somewhere else? Send me some details about what, how, when, where.

Spread the news

You cannot do any of the things mentioned above? But still want to help? Spread the news about my journey and this blog among your friends, family, colleagues, whomever. THANKS!