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Karate – With Sensei Mario Ramirez Paredes!

Staying in Arequipa for a longer time I felt the need to do some sports. As I missed training Karate since I left Darmstadt I tried to find a Dojo in Arequipa. And was lucky! After some Google queries I found the Dojo of Sensei Mario Ramirez Paredes. 8. DAN, Shotokan!

I decided to give it a try, went there on Monday and was greeted with a very warm welcome by Sensei Mario and all other people at his Dojo. During the next four days I got three group trainings and two 1-to-1 lessons. When do you get this from an 8. DAN Sensei? Which all have been great!

Sensei Mario and the scholars.
Sensei Mario and the scholars.

The sessions have been intense! Doing no sports in the last four months and then training at almost 2500 meters above sea level did not help either. Of course, Sensei Mario pointed out some flaws that Sensei Lutz in Darmstadt is complaining about for a quite a long time, too. However, it was great to have some training sessions again and I just realized how much I missed Karate the last months. And I really learned a lot. Left Arequipa with sore muscles everywhere, actually a very good feeling! And hope to find some Dojos along the rest of my journey, too.

Sensei Mario, the scholars, and me.
Sensei Mario, the scholars, and me.

Muchas muchas gracias Sensei Mario por todo: Bienvenido calurosa, instrucciones muy bueno y correcciones y sugerencias muy utiles! Awesome!


PS: Some more pics from the white city….

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