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Hasta luego America del Sur!

Finally it was time to leave South America. I left with one eye laughing, one eye crying.

Election posters. I love the symbols instead of stupid letters like in Germany.
Election posters. I love the symbols instead of stupid letters like in Germany.

Laughing, ’cause I was more than looking forward to see my family and some of my close friends during my stopover in Germany. Who I all missed a lot during the last months. And because I am curious about Asia, about visiting more stunning places on this miraculous planet earth and meeting more inspiring people.

Graphical signs. So clear.
Graphical signs. So clear.

Crying, because the time in South America was awesome. Far beyond any expectations! Because the last months have been among the best ones in my life. And it is always hard to leave “good memories”.

I was allowed to see many many beautiful places. Some of them had an enormous power, that did not leave me unchanged. A lot of people crossed my path. Some left a deep impression on me. Some made me laugh. Some touched my heart. Some made me smile. Some made me think. Some touched my soul. Some of them just went by. Some became friends. I am leaving with a deep feeling of gratitude for everything that South America and it’s people (both locals and travelers) gave me. Thanks everybody!

You will find below a song that I think represents South America. It is funny, it makes you smile, you will have a feeling of moving your hips and it will leave you in a very good mood. Enjoy “Danza Kuduro” from “Don Omar”!

Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi… :-)

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  1. Nice! Like to hear that you ejoyed latin america so much!! And of course THE song: daaaaanzaaaa kaduroooo! Oi oi oi! Have a good over stay in germany with all your friends and family.. And after that: keep up the good traveling and writing in asia!!! :) hugs, from the netherlands! Elise

  2. claudi

    La mano arriba, cintura sola, da media vuelta, …
    best song ever. ;-) I miss not hearing it twenty times a day.

    • Michael

      Hi Claudi! I guess you will hear it a lot once you are back in Peru and Bolivia… so everything is gonna be alright :-)
      Greets, Michael

  3. Hi Elise! Happy to read, that you like the song and my blog :-) Well, consider yourself as a person, that left an impression on me, made me smile, laugh and think. And that I consider you as a friend! Thanks for the great time in Quito and for staying in touch afterward. Hope to see you again! Big hugs from Germany. Michael

  4. Russell Kyba

    I loved your posts and Anna Marie shared your sentiments when we had to leave Ecuador even though we were only there a month. But time spent with you on others at Yanapuma was so very special.

    The dancing on your posted video was almost as good as Mindy and me!

    Enjoy Germany.

    Russell and Anna Marie

    • Michael

      Hi Russell, hi Anna Marie!

      Thanks for your nice comment! And yes,the Yanapuma time in Quito and around was great. You are right, you and Mindy have been far better… but you should both work on your dresses ;-) Well, and next time you could invite us all to a trip on your yacht :-)

      Hope you are doing fine! Take care, Michael

  5. si, bin auch traurig, muss aber feststellen, dass in Miami ohne Spanisch nix geht ;-) weiter nach Austin manana. Geniess D

  6. Hi Beatrice, dann ist es ja gut, dass ich nicht in Miami bin :-) Viel Spaß in Austin. Mehr bald per Mail. Aloha, Michael.

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