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Nargakot – Goodbye Asia!

I did not expect, that Nargakot would be my last destination in Asia. But it was. So far ;-) I somehow felt, that it was time to go home. So many amazing experiences to digest. So many questions to think about. Aside from that I did something with good intentions but a total contrary result. After being at a Buddhist monastery for five weeks I thought it could be wise to follow an advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And trying to resolve the problem needed my personal presence back home. I won’t go into details but His Holiness proved to be right.

When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

[Dalai Lama XIV]

Anyhow, Nargakot was a fantastic place to leave for Germany. The views of the Himalayan mountain range are amazing and crying for more visits. And the team of the Eco Home has been a perfect example of the people I met throughout this trip: Thanks to Semanta Sunder Pokhrel and the whole staff for being so friendly and warmhearted at my last evening in Nepal!

Himalayan mountain range.
Himalayan mountain range.

Writing these lines fills my heart with deep gratitude. The trip has been an exceptional journey for me. I still can’t believe what wonderful and magical places I was allowed to see. And which amazing people I was allowed to meet. It is impossible to express my gratitude for all of this, but a BIG BIG THANK YOU goes out to every single one who crossed my path (either face to face or in cyberspace). ‘Cause YOU have made this trip so special!

It's getting light.
It's getting light.

A few lessons I have learned:

  • This planet is an amazing wonder.
  • It is much safer than you expect. Anywhere, anytime.
  • You will receive an incredible amount of help, friendliness, and love.
  • Give it a try!

Feel free to take whatever amount of joy, love or happiness you need. ‘Cause my heart is overflowing with an abundance of these feelings at the moment. And they don’t get less when sharing.


It was the perfect timing for flying home (thanks Larissa for being such an awesome company on the way back!). Especially as I kind of shifted my outer journey on this miraculous planet earth to an inner journey during the five weeks at Kopan Hill. It felt and feels just right to be home. However (big promise to myself): This trip is far from over, there are just too many things left to explore…

A brand new day!
A brand new day!

THANKS for all your support, company, and love! You are awesome!

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    • Michael

      Hi Claudi! Glad that you like the pics, thanks! And thanks for pointing out the typo in the first sentence.
      Abrazos, Michael

  1. Georg

    Great Pictures!!! Gosh – is that what I missed in Nagarkot.. I REALLY NEED to go Nepal again.. are you with me??? ;-)

    And welcome back home… Do you already have plans for your Germany – trip??
    You’re welcome – anytime!!!

    • Michael

      Hi Georg,

      yep, that’s what you’ve missed… but we could indeed go back together, sometime.

      Thanks for welcoming me back. No plans for the Germany trip so far, but I guess, Berlin will be on the list, so stay tuned ;-)

      Cheers, Michael

  2. Jannet

    Thanks for the super pictures!
    I have been to Nagarkot on a cloudy, misty day, nothing to see at that time. Now I can still enjoy it, even on the moment I want to :-) .

    Very nice comment about the ease of traveling.

    How are you doing in Germany?

    You told me about a nice guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to send me the details, I would be very grateful!

    Love and hugs from New Zealand this time.

    PS End of February I’ll travel to Bolivia.

    • Michael

      Hi Jannet,

      great to hear from you! And that’s the awesome rivulet service: Enjoy beautiful pictures from all over the world any time for free ;-) Glad, that you like them!

      I am doing fine in Germany. Todo bien. Guesthouse link has been sent out (but here is the link again

      I am really looking forward to see your pics and posts from New Zealand (it’s on my travel list). And Bolivia? Wow! Your heart should be filled with joy about this destination. It is a magical place and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

      Lot’s of love and safe travels!

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